Is it my mistake ?

Hello there...

Today I have great experience.Failed to hold sleeping, hahaha. And some how, I was thinking that it's wrong. But then saw a video about, lazy or break.In this video, it's explain that are lazy or just need a break.

After saw that video, I review my recent activity, and I am thinking that I am not lazy person. I just need a time to break and rest.

recent day, I sleep for over 3-4 hour per day. I know, normally people need 6-8 hour, I try to push my self.It work, and I can do it, I can push my self. But, I need a time where I can rest a little.

So, I am ok now. I feel I am good, I am happy, and not feel desperate because some sleeping time that I do today.

 Activity review ?

lets skip for today.. hahaha..

Oke, tomorrow is Monday, lets rest, and see you next time.Bye. ;)