OMG There is no Guarantee, I need to Backup this ASAP

Hello there.. This morning I read some of Terms of Service this site.
In no event will AYearAgo.Today or Megawatt Apps, LLC which owns and operates AYearAgo.Today, be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation any loss or damage whatsoever arising in connection with, or the use of this website.
We take no responsibility for and will not be liable for AYearAgo.Today being offline or unavailable due to any technical issues or difficulties beyond our control or understanding. 

 And found out that, there is not guarantee that our journal will safe. So I need do backup my journal, but where? then I remember that I have a blog a long time ago. So, I am thinking maybe I will Reactivate my blog again, and use that as a backup of my daily journal. You guys too, back up your journals, so when something bad happen, you still can access your written.